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Biohazard & Hazmat

Biohazard / Hazmat Testing & Cleanup in Los Angeles

Serving Encino, the Entire San Fernando Valley & Beyond

LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration is a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of disaster restoration experience. In addition to our fire, water, and mold remediation services, we also offer hazardous material and biohazard cleanup services to homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area. Our experts are trained in the safest and most effective methods for hazmat testing, cleaning, and disinfecting.

Our biohazard & hazmat cleanup services include:

  • Asbestos testing
  • COVID cleaning & restoration
  • Lead testing

To learn more about our services and to request a consultation, please give us a call at 833-379-3696.

Why Call a Restoration Company?

Any time there is even the smallest amount of doubt whether a substance is safe to handle, it’s a good idea to consult with professionals. Biohazards and hazardous materials can put you, your family, or your tenants at serious risk for health problems, so these aren’t the types of projects that should be handled by anyone without the right training, tools, and protective equipment.

Why Leave it to the Pros?

  • Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has a well-documented history of damaging human health. While most modern builds do not incorporate the material due to its ability to cause a deadly cancer called mesothelioma, the carcinogen used to be quite commonplace, so millions of homes and buildings throughout the U.S. still contain it.
  • Lead is a heavy metal that was used in paints up until the late 1970s before its hazard to human health was known. Other sources of lead exposure include soil, water from lead pipes, and certain store-bought products. Lead is particularly dangerous to babies and young children and can result in anemia, slowed growth, behavioral and learning problems, and more.
  • The Novel Coronavirus has highlighted the critical importance of clean, sanitary environments where large groups of people congregate. The COVID-19 virus can cause a wide range of symptoms, the severity of which can vary from person to person, and may be fatal in some cases. Professional disinfecting services are important not just during a pandemic, but any time there is a concern for the health of building occupants.

LimeGreen is an IICRC Certified Firm

As a local restoration company, we serve as the Greater LA area’s first responders when it comes to untimely mishaps and major damages to residential homes and commercial spaces. Whether you are dealing with damages from fireswater damage, or other incidents, you can trust our team to provide prompt and reliable support. The health and wellness of the people we serve is our number one priority.

Serving Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

We’re not only a Los Angeles water damage restoration company, but we are also long-time, well-respected plumbers who have served the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area for many years.

We provide water damage restoration to Los Angeles and West Los Angeles. Our teams are strategically located to serve you as quickly as possible.

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Free Estimates & Insurance Assistance

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Family Owned & Operated Business

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24/7 Disaster Response Within 15 Minutes
24/7 Disaster Response Within 15 Minutes

We are on our way in 15 minutes or less, so we can get to you quickly across Los Angeles.

At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!
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