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Fire and Smoke Odor Removal Services

Fire and Smoke Odor Removal Services in Los Angeles

How Restoration Professionals Deal with Fire and Smoke Odor Removal

Fire and smoke odor happens when your home has caught on fire. Even a small fire can cause the home to be filled with the odor of fire and smoke. If your home has recently experienced a fire, you will need to call in the professionals to remove the odor that often lingers for months after a fire has occurred.

Keep in mind that your furniture and carpets might also need to have fire and smoke odor removed so that your home can be healthy and smoke-free again.

In the process, we can determine why the fire and smoke odor has lingered and ensure that we remove everything in the home that has the door. Here is the process we use when our fire and smoke odor removal professionals come to your home.

We can help you with your fire damage restoration in the San Fernando Valley or anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Call 833-379-3696 for an appointment and free estimate.

Step 1: Contact LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration

When your home catches on fire or you have an odor of fire and smoke in the home, you might be in shock. Watching your beloved home on fire can be one of the worst situations in the world.

However, rather than trying to fix the situation all by yourself, first try to calm down and allow professionals to help you.

If your home is actively on fire, you will want to call 911 first so the fire department can come to your home and extinguish the fire. Once the fire has been put out and the fire department has determined what caused the fire, you can begin contacting us so we can come to remove the fire and smoke odor.

We will ask you a few questions over the phone so we can get an idea of the damage level and then we will send some of our professionals to your home to do an in-person inspection. Taking the first step to call us is one of the most important things you will ever do.

Step 2: Inspecting the Damage

We respond to all calls in 15 minutes or less depending on the circumstances and where you are located. When we get to your home or wherever the fire occurred, we can look at the situation and determine the damage.

The type and extent of the damage will determine how we go about the fire and smoke odor removal process as some homes will need more extensive restoration than others.

Step 3: Removing the Source of the Problem

The smell of smoke and fire in the home isn’t only hard to deal with, but it’s also dangerous for your health. This is why removing the smell as fast as possible is very important. You might also be asked to stay somewhere else while the odor is being removed so that your health is better protected.

The first thing we will do is remove the source of the problem which means removing the items that smell. Some of the most common sources of smells include cabinets, drywall, and furniture.

Depending on the amount of damage, the items can be cleaned and restored. In some cases though, the item will have to be discarded.

Step 4: Cleaning Contents That Are Salvageable

The items that can be salvaged will be probably cleaned and restored. Things like walls and windows will need to be washed, disinfected, and scrubbed until the fire and smoke odor comes out.

The walls on the inside can be cleaned with mild soap and then rinsed very well to make sure there is no soap residue. All household items will need to be washed and all cabinets, closets, and drawers will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Some items, such as furniture and carpets, will need to be taken offsite and cleaned.

Step 5: Cleaning Air Ducts

When there is a fire, the smoke and soot often go into the duct system and the particles can stay inside the ducts for years and years.

Cleaning the ducts is one of the most important parts of fire and smoke odor removal. If the entire home is cleaned but not the ducts, the HVAC system can recirculate the smoke smell causing the entire home to sell like smoke again.

Air ducts are best cleaned by professionals as they have special procedures and equipment that make it easier to clean and remove all bad smells.

Step 6: Removing the Smoke Smell

All of the steps above do a great job at beginning the smoke removal process. However, there are often lingering odors in the home that can be difficult to completely get rid of. Some people try to use deodorizers like baking soda, but this only works for very small areas.

As professionals, we have many different methods that can remove smoke odors from large areas of a home or office space. Here are some of the ways we can remove the smoke smell:

  • Air Scrubbing: This is when a technician uses HEPA air scrubbers which remove odors.
  • Thermal Fogging: We will fill the area with a mist deodorizer that can neutralize odors.
  • Vapor Modification: This is when an aromatic compound is sealed into a plastic container and then dispersed in front of a fan blower.
  • Ozone Generation: Ozone is one of the best neutralizers and it can remove smoke odor molecules from the air. 

The Benefits of Letting Us Handle Your Fire and Smoke Odor Removal

When you let professionals deal with your fire and smoke odor removal, you can be sure your home can be restored to its former glory. We pay attention to all the details so you can be sure your home is in perfect condition with no odors from the fire that took place.

If you have a fire and smoke odor in your home, please contact us today at 833-379-3696. Our team is always ready to respond to a crisis and we will walk you through every step of the process so you know your home is in safe hands.

Give us a call today at 833-379-3696 if you have a fire emergency. We are always ready to respond to a crisis. We will walk you through every step of the restoration process as well as help you in any way that we can.

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!
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