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Flooded Basement Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

How Restoration Professionals Deal With Flooded Basement Cleanup

If your basement is flooded, you might be wondering how to clean it or if you need to hire professionals. Most of the time, a flooded basement needs professionals to come in and clean and dry the walls. This is because water can hide behind the walls and cause mold growth.

A flooded basement is one of the most stressful things that can happen to your home. Whether it’s just a small amount of water or the water has risen to a few inches, coming home to find your basement flooded is terrible.

Since many people keep valuables and other family heirlooms in the basement, flooding can also cause some of your most prized possessions to become damaged.

This is where we are here to help. We have the patience and hard work you need to get your basement clean and dry again. We also take all your belongings out and see if they can be restored so you don’t need to worry about losing your most precious things.

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When to Call the Professionals

You might be wondering when and how to call in the professionals. We recommend you call us if you have any amount of flooding in your basement. You also need professional help when it comes to finding the source of the flooding.

It can be a broken pipe or roots that have grown under the house and destroyed the plumbing. No matter the reason for the flooding, we can find the source and fix it.

Here are the most common causes of basement flooding:

  • Overflowing toilet or tub if you have one in the basement
  • Appliance leaks
  • Failure of the water heater
  • Overflowing rain gutters outside
  • Your house is near a water source such as a river or pond
  • Your house is at the bottom of a hill
  • Your basement walls are not sealed well
  • Problems with your sewer system or septic tank
  • Basement windows that are broken
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Melting snow or heavy rainfall

These are just some of the common causes of basement flooding. Sometimes the cause of flooding will not be immediately apparent. We might need to do some investigating to see where everything went wrong. We will then fix it as soon as possible and begin restoring the lower level of your home.

Step 1: Give Us a Call

The first thing you need to do when you have any kind of flooding in your home gives us a call. It can be hard not to immediately jump in and start trying to clean, but calling us first is better.

You mustn’t go into the water as you don’t know for sure if it’s sewage or not. If the water is dirty, you can become sick. So, it’s better to let us go into the water as we have the proper clothing and suits to protect us from germs.

We are ready to respond at all hours of the night. The best thing you can do while you wait for us is to turn off the water. This allows the water to stop pooling in the basement if it comes from the pipes or sewage system.

Step 2: Check out the Damage

Once we have arrived and the water is turned off, we will check out the damage. We will try and remove all your belongings from out of the basement to prevent further damage. We will then begin to see which ones can be repaired and which ones might need to be replaced.

Don’t worry. Even furniture that has been soaked can often be restored rather than you need to go out and buy new items.

Step Three: Getting the Water Out

Now we will begin to remove the water. We have commercial equipment that allows us to do this quickly and efficiently. We will use special vacuum cleaners, suction pumps, and large dehumidifiers.

We also have special equipment that allows us to dry the inside of the walls and the floors. This ensures that mold does not grow inside the internal components of your home.

We will usually leave dehumidifiers in your home for several days or weeks so that the inside of your home can properly dry. Before we remove the equipment and end our job, we always test the moisture level in your home using special tools.

This allows us to see if we properly dried everything and if we need to continue drying or not. We never leave your property until we are satisfied with the moisture levels.

Step Four: Finding the Source of the Flooding

Once we have the area clean and dry, we need to find the source of the flooding. We will examine the pipes, septic tank, tree roots, and other areas of the home for signs of where the flooding started.

We can then bring in a plumber to help with these issues. This ensures you never have to worry about plumbing failure or basement flooding again.

The Benefits of Letting Us Handle Your Flooding Basement Cleanup

We know how tempting it can be to do cleanup DIY. While it might be cheaper at the beginning, it might end up costing you more later if you are not able to properly dry everything and you end up growing mold.

We also sanitize and clean your home which means the basement is safe to live in again without worrying about bacteria and microbes. You also don’t have to worry about the furniture being ruined or growing mildew.

When you allow us to handle your flooded basement cleanup, you have experts doing all the hard work for you.

If your basement has flooded or you have another water emergency contact us today at 833-379-3696. Our team is ready to come to your home and assess the damage. We will ensure your home is beautiful and back to the way it was before.

Call us today at 833-379-3696 if you need help cleaning up your flooded basement and getting your life back to normal.

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!
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