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Crawl Space Clean-Up

Crawl Space Clean-Up in Los Angeles

A crawl space is one of the most important parts of the home, but it can be very hard to clean. Some people are also scared of going into crawl spaces because they are tight and confined. If you’re claustrophobic, you might find the idea of going down into a crawl space very intimidating and scary.

This is why it’s the perfect idea to call in the professionals when your crawl space needs cleaning. Not only do professionals have decades of xperience cleaning out crawl spaces, but they also are not afraid of going into tight and confined spaces.

We will get to you as soon as possible after disaster strikes. Contact us at 833-379-3696 for help with the drying process today.

Common Signs That Mean You Need to Call LimeGreen to Clean Your Crawl

There are many different problems that can occur when you do not clean your crawlspace. These problems can happen gradually or they can come on very suddenly which is why it’s very important to keep your crawl space maintained.

Signs of a badly maintained crawl space include the following:

  • Mold or fungus growing in the crawlspace
  • There are pests and animals that have invaded your crawlspace
  • Rodents are especially bad because they can carry diseases that can be dangerous for you and your family
  • Sewage or water in the crawlspace
  • Higher energy bills because the insulation in the crawlspace has become poor and old
  • Wires can become damaged and poor
  • The structure of the crawlspace or even the home can collapse when there is wear and tear
  • Asbestos caused by old insulation

If you have any of the above issues or are not sure if you do, it’s best you call us today and we can come and inspect the situation.

Here are the steps you and us will follow to ensure your crawlspace is clean and safe.

Step One: Contact LimeGreen

Your first call to us is one of the most important steps in the process because it allows us to know you have an issue with your crawlspace and you need us to come and help you out.

We will ask you a few questions over the phone to determine the size and condition of your crawlspace. We can then come to your home as soon as possible, even within a few minutes if there is an emergency.

Step Two: Inspection

Once we get to your home, the first thing we will do is an inspection of the entire crawlspace. This is needed because we need to get a full picture of what the insulation looks like and to check and see if there is any mold or asbestos.

We also need to do an inspection to see if there are any pests living in the crawlspace as we will need to get rid of them before we can begin the cleaning process.

Step Three: Pest Removal

If we find pests, the first thing we need to do is remove them. We will use a combination of traps and pesticides to ensure that all the rodents leave your crawlspace. We may also need to remove any rotten beams, rocks, and debris as these can become nests and homes for rodents so they can be attracted to your crawlspace.

Step Four: Removing Standing Water

If your crawlspace, has water damage, we will need to remove all standing water as this can be a hazard to your health and to your home. We will then have to do many different water mitigation techniques so that the standing water will not return.

If you have standing water, you might also have mold. We will have to thoroughly dry the crawlspace and remove all mold so your family doesn’t have to worry about it

Step Five: Replace Old Insulation

Insulation in the crawlspace is very important. Old insulation can contain asbestos which is dangerous to your health. All insulation will need to be removed and replaced with new materials.

New insulation can also allow for a decrease in your energy bills because newer insulation is able to more efficiently retain cold air and heat which means your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to maintain a certain temperature.

Step Six: Installation of Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers provide a liner so that water cannot enter your crawlspace. This is very important because you don’t want the dirt floor of your crawlspace to become wet. Vapor barriers also do an excellent job of keeping pests out of the hom

Step Seven: Vent Covers

All crawlspaces have vents so that air can circulate in and out of the area. Make sure the vents have new covers. If your vent covers are old, moisture can leak into the home and cause a series of different issues.

Once we replace the vents with new covers, you’ll notice a decrease in water problems as well as fewer rodents and bugs which can keep your crawlspace rodent-free and clean.

Step Eight: Dehumidifiers

If your crawlspace or home is very humid, we will use a dehumidifier to try and remove as much moisture as possible from the area. We will do this after we have installed new vents and vapor barriers as they all work well together and should all be used in conjunction for the best results.

The Benefits of Letting Us Handle Your Crawlspace Cleaning

We know that cleaning your own crawlspace can be very difficult. This is why we want to help you and ensure that your space is free of water, pests, and mold. We can take the work and stress off of your hands and do all the dirty work for you.

Our experts and professionals have decades of experience so we can also ensure your crawlspace is very well maintained and will not give you any issues now or in the future.

If you need help with your crawlspace, call us today at 833-379-3696. We are always ready to help and respond to you in case there is an emergency.

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24/7 Disaster Response Within 15 Minutes

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!
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