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Tarping your roof can be a pain because it often requires a lot of work and can take a long time if you do not have help. However, putting a tarp on the roof is necessary because it protects the system of your roof and your home. It covers the roof until a roof company can come and start doing roof repairs and replacements.

We recommend you call us for roof tarping if:

  • A big storm has affected your home and caused damage to the roof
  • There is a wet or dark spot on your ceiling which means water is getting inside the roof and going into the home
  • Your home has damage from the wind including curled or missing shingles
  • The roof has been compromised in some way
  • There has recently been hail and there are large dents in your roof

Basically, if there is any damage to the roof, it will need to be tarped until repair work can begin. Rather than trying to tarp it yourself, consider calling us and letting us put the tarp down for you so you know that it’s secure and in the right position.

We will get to you as soon as possible after disaster strikes. Contact us at 833-379-3696 for help with the drying process today.

Our Process

If you think you need roof tarping, give us a call right away. The first thing we will do when we get to your home is a full inspection of the roof and interior of the home. Our experts know exactly what to look for in terms of damage and we can ensure your roof is tarped to make the home and roof safe again.

After the inspection, we will do the following steps before putting down the tarp.

  • Debris removal. Sometimes during the inspection process, we need to remove debris because it allows us to see the roof underneath. However, to affect the inspection, we remove more of the debris and ensure that it’s taken off the property. Before we can remove debris, we will
  • Measurements. After the debris has been removed, we will need to measure the area so we can determine what size tarp to bring. We have special measuring tools that allow us to properly measure the area. All our tarps are heavy-duty and inhibit UV rays. This prolongs the life of the tarp and ensures that it can withstand all outdoor elements.
  • Positive and secure the tarp. Now that we have removed the debris and measured the area, we can start putting the tarp into place. We will ensure it covers all of the damaged areas and also extends another three or four feet past the area so that no water or elements can get inside the home. We secure the tarp by using anchor boards and nails. This ensures the tarp will not fall off and that water will not run under the tarp and go inside. Sometimes, a tarp can be secured with sandbags if roof repairs are beginning right away.

Roof tarping is extremely important after there has been a storm and your roof experiences damage. While roof tarping might not look very appealing, it’s temporary until roof repairs or roof replacement can begin.

Roof tarping is an excellent way of protecting your drywall, the interior of your home, and your ceilings.

It also protects the roof system around the damaged area so that the damage does not spread. Another important part of roof tarping is that it protects against rot and mold which is extremely important for keeping the health of your home and ensuring it has structural integrity.

Most home insurance companies will also only reimburse you if they confirm you have a roof tarping. If you do not tarp the roof, they may say you caused more damage and they will only pay for certain parts of the repairs.

Insurance companies will only pay for repairs if you mitigated as much damage as possible Roof tarping is key for mitigating damage so you want to make sure you install a roof tarping as soon as you can.

Damage Assessment and Roof Tarping

Roof tarping is meant to ensure that further damage does not occur to your roof and the inside of your home. Sometimes, the damage to your roof can appear to be minor but as we are tarping the roof, we can inspect the damage and see exactly what happened.

Leaks can easily happen when a roof has damage. If water makes its way into your home, you will be stuck paying for more repairs as water can quickly destroy the inside of your ceilings, floors, and walls.

Another major problem with water inside the home is that there is always a potential for mold to grow. This means you now need mold remediation as part of the repair process. Luckily, our team also does mold remediation and we can help to remove mold in the event that your home has water or leaks from the damaged roof.

The good news is that if you tarp the roof as soon as the damage occurs, the chances of other damage including leaks and mold are minimal.

Letting us handle your roof tarping and other emergency needs in your home is very important. We pay attention to all details to ensure the roof is properly tarped and no further damage can occur.

We also ensure there is no mold, no bad odors, and no musty smells around the home which can mean water is building up.

Contact us today so we can restore your home by roof tarping and then do any repair or restoration work that is needed.

You don’t need to handle any emergency alone. Call us as soon as you need roof tarping at 833-379-3696. We can help your roof and your home from getting water damage or storm damage in the Los Angeles area and the surrounding areas as well.

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24/7 Disaster Response Within 15 Minutes

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!
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