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Plumbing Overflow Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

How Restoration Professionals Deal with Plumbing Overflow Cleanup

Coming home to find your septic tank backed up or plumbing overflowing can be one of the most difficult experiences when it comes to your beloved home. Since plumbing overflows often contain germs and bacteria, it’s important to ensure you get professional help right away. It’s also important not to try and do the cleaning yourself.

Not only can this leave your bathroom floors messy, but the water can also get behind your walls and floors. This can cause mold to start growing if you do not get the areas properly dried as soon as possible.

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Why Did My Plumbing Overflow?

There are many reasons why your plumbing might be overflowing. Some are simple fixes, while others might need a change in your home’s garden or infrastructure.

  • You don’t have backflow prevention. This happens if you live below street level. It also happens in older homes that are still connected to the sewer system that belongs to the city.
  • You have too many trees. If you have many trees, some of them can start growing roots around the pipes causing damage.
  • You poor grease down the drain. This prevents the water from being able to flow into the pipes.
  • You flush more than toilet paper. Most homes can only effectively flush toilet paper. Put everything else in the trash can including disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, and sanitary products. Even products that are labeled as flushable can still vlog the toilet.

When to Call a Professional for Plumbing Overflow

Not sure if you need to call in a professional or if you can handle the issue on your own? We always recommend you call a professional for plumbing overflow if:

  • One of your toilets is constantly overflowing even if you’re only flushing a normal amount of toilet paper
  • The water from the toilet keeps coming even if you have shut the water to the toilet off.
  • You have waste overflowing into the home and onto the floors.
  • You come back home from vacation or work and the water has been sitting in the home for a long time
  • The water has gone into the walls or beneath the first layer of the floor.
  • Your sink is constantly clogged and you’ve already tried store-bought products to unclog it.
  • Your shower drain is constantly clogged despite you cleaning it and not allowing hair and other things to go inside the pipes.
  • Any of the drains in your sinks are spitting up water or pushing water back out.

All of these things point to ongoing plumbing issues that you will not be able to solve without a certified professional to help.

Our Process for Plumbing Overflow Cleanup

Many people think they can clean plumbing overflows on their own. In some cases, this is true. However, even minor cases of plumbing overflow can benefit from having professionals come and help.

Find the Source of the Overflow

The first thing we do is turn the water off. This allows the water damage to your home to stop since no more water is currently flowing through the pipes. Once we have turned the water off, we can see why you are having overflow problems.

We will check for clogs from the pipes and sinks to see where the water is backing up from. We will then proceed to unclog the pipe that is giving you issues.

Clean Up

Once we have handled the plumbing part of the issue, we can start cleaning. We usually send several different professionals to your home at the same time so that these problems can be fixed simultaneously.

Dry the Floors and Walls

Next, we will use our commercial specialty equipment to ensure everything is dry. Oftentimes when there is plumbing overflow, the water will seep into the walls and floors. It’s impossible to dry this on your own, so you’ll need to call us.

If you leave water below the floorboards or in the walls, you risk mold growth. This is dangerous for your health and can cause your entire home to need renovations which is extremely costly.

Drain the Septic Tank

Keep in mind that your septic tank needs to be trained and cleaned at least every 18 months. If you are not regularly cleaning your septic tank, we recommend you do so right away. A dirty or full septic tank can cause waste to be pushed up through the pipes and into the home.

Not only does this cause a bad smell and a dirty home, but it’s also dangerous for your health. It can expose you and your family to bacteria and microbes that can make you sick.

Test the Air and Walls

Before we leave, we will also test the moisture in the walls and air to ensure we removed all the water. This ensures your home has an appropriate humidity level. It also means the air in your home is safe to breathe.

Other Signs of Plumbing Overflowing

While many people think of the toilet or septic tank when they imagine plumbing overflowing, it can be any drain or pipe in the home. It’s common for people to also experience issues with their shower and sink drains.

To prevent plumbing from overflowing, you can ensure to catch things from going down the drain like food in the kitchen and hair in the shower.

If you notice a clog in any of your pipes, let us know before you start having overflow issues.  A clog is often easier to fix compared to a drain or toilet that has started constantly overflowing.

If you are having any issues with clogs, overflows, or plumbing, give us a call today at 833-379-3696. We are always here to help even if there is an emergency that needs to be attended to right away. We will do all we can to clean your home and make sure you do not have lasting damage to your home.

Contact us today at 833-379-3696 for all water emergencies. We will send out a team member and help you restore your home to the way it was before.

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!
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