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What To Do After a Flood in Los Angeles

From leaky pipes to a broken sink, there are several reasons why your house can get flooded in Los Angeles. However, no need to worry because LimeGreen is here to help. There are steps that we recommend that you take after you notice a flood inside your home.

How Bad is the Flooding?

Are you able to see the floor underneath the water? Knowing the depth of the water helps you navigate what is in it and how to best dry it. An overflowed sink will cover the ground with a thin layer of water while a broken sewage pipe can fill a basement with a foot of contaminated water. If you can’t see the bottom of the water, it is best not to step through it. There can be dangerous materials hiding beneath the surface that can hurt you. Knowing the type of water is important too. Sink from your kitchen sink is much safer than a bunch of sewer water. Never go through water if you suspect that it is contaminated.

Dry Up What You Can

Only dry up the flooded water if it is completely clear and comes from a source you know has clean water. If there are objects, floating minerals, or if the water is tinged a different color. Do not try to clean it yourself. Instead, call LimeGreen and we will take care of the drying process.

Inspect For Water Damage

The longer a bunch of water sits anywhere, the more damage the area will face. A flooded floor will have water seeping into it and ruining it. For example, a flooded living room with a carpet will be completely ruined. The carpet will be drenched with water and the ground underneath it will be damaged from water seeping through. If left alone for long enough, the carpet can even grow mold. Any area that has suffered from water damage will either need to be restored or replaced. LimeGreen has services for doing so along with checking for mold and other contaminants. Take note of anywhere that has visible damage. Do so by taking photos, videos, or writing them down. Being able to tell the LimeGreen crew where known damage is will speed up the repairing process.

Get in Touch with LimeGreen

LimeGreen Water Damage and Restoration Technologies will help you with any flooding emergency that you may have. We will be able to assist you with cleaning up contaminated water, finding water damage on items, water restoration, and water reconstruction. If mold is growing, we will take care of that as well. To get in touch with us, either call us or fill out our contact forum to send us your information. We will have a crew sent out within 15 minutes and the crew will get to your house in 45 minutes or less. We work quickly to take care of your house. The first thing we will do is either dry or extract the water. In some cases, there is simply too much water that we will have to use our tools to extract it from your house. We will then disinfect the area of any bacteria or pathogens that could have been left behind in the water. No matter how clear the water may be, we will still disinfect because we won’t be taking any chances. We will remove both the physical water and the humidity from the air when doing our drying process. This is because we don’t want any gross water to be in the room and some bacteria can be spread through humidity. As soon as the room is clean and dry, we will inspect for water damage. Any areas that you’ve already told us about are super helpful, but we will do additional inspections to make sure nothing has been missed. Some damages can be fixed through our water damage restoration services, but others will have to be done through reconstruction. We will inform you of everything that we will need to do and you will get the final say on the repairs we do.

What if There’s Mold?

If we suspect that any mold is growing in your house because of water damage, we will test for it and do a thorough inspection. Our mold remediation services include testing, cleaning, and preventing any more mold from forming in your house. With any indication of mold, we will use our cleaning sprays to kill it off along with any spores that might be hiding in the walls or air. We make sure that everything is super clean before considering ourselves done. By cleaning the surrounding areas, we make sure that no spores will take form in your house and start up the problem once again. We take on any kind of mold and make sure to eliminate it. Mold is dangerous for the health of everyone in the household and we value keeping our customers healthy.

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24/7 Disaster Response Within 15 Minutes
24/7 Disaster Response Within 15 Minutes

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!

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At LimeGreen Water Damage & Restoration, we know that a fast response time can change everything. We offer an immediate response to every call, so you can feel confident knowing that help is on the way!
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